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Chef, Restaurateur and TV Host Rick Bayless joins forces with James Beard Award-winning food journalist Steve Dolinsky, to bring the world of food and drink into your ears and have a little fun in the process.

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Rick is off to China and tracks down some of the traditional dishes, discovering hot pots, donkey meat and Sichuan peppercorns, before meeting his doppelgänger, a chef bringing Mexican food back to his homeland. 

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Michelin Indian Food

Indian flavors have influenced the food in the UK for over 90 years.  From high-end Michelin-starred places to more casual spots, Steve visited several on a recent trip to London worth checking out. 

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Actor William Shatner talks the smoked meats of his childhood growing up in Montreal and tests his food knowledge.

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Entering the dog days of summer, our tribute to the hot dog, one of the nation’s iconic summertime symbols.  Steve uncovers this Chicago Original. 

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Travel to the legendary Spice Market of Instanbul with Rick Bayless for a taste of the region.

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Steve visits a successful business closing and another opening on how to succeed in the restaurant business.

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Rick Bayless gets schooled in how to make a Caprihina, the national drink of Brasil at the Academia da Cachaça

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The Feed Pod's Steve Dolinsky checks out the booming food scene in New Orleans

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Tony and Grammy winning singer and actress, Heather Headley talks of her Aunties making amazing food in Trinidad and life, the food she avoids before every performance and having pasta with Andrea Bocelli.

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Need a jolt today?  Here is a way to make your break a little more enjoyable.  Rick and Steve head over to Intelligentsia for a class on how to make their cups of joe more delicious with help from a spectrum coffee refractometer. 

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