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Chef, Restaurateur and TV Host Rick Bayless joins forces with James Beard Award-winning food journalist Steve Dolinsky, to bring the world of food and drink into your ears and have a little fun in the process.

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Chicago native Tanya Baker knew at an early age she wanted to be a cook. Applying solely to culinary schools, she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2006, then worked at a few restaurants before becoming the opening sous chef at The Boarding House.

By the time she was 26, she was promoted to Executive Chef at the restaurant. Last year, she was named a finalist in the James Beard Awards' Rising Star category. Baker's cooking is French-influenced, yet she grew up with a Korean mother and a Louisiana-bred father, which broadened her palate.

Rick asked her to stop by for one of our regular challenges this week, using cucumbers as the main ingredient.

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This time of year often dictates what home cooks and professional chefs work with in the kitchen. Right around Labor Day, the corn is high and abundant, and we’re seeing it on menus everywhere. So we thought, why not feature corn in this week’s challenge? We asked Jason Vincent, one of Chicago’s most seasonally-focused chefs to join us this week.  He is the Chef and Owner of Giant, which recently opened in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. We asked him to come up with something using corn as the star, plus five other easy-to-find ingredients, and get a main dish on the table in 15 minutes or less.

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This time of year, farmer’s markets are bursting with produce. We have local berries, local greens, herbs and of course, local squash. Green and yellow zucchini are probably the most obvious, and we were thinking, why not challenge a local chef to see what they would come up with, using summer squash as the main ingredient? So, Rick Bayless asks the co-owner and co-chef of Chicago’s Honey Butter Fried Chicken, Christine Cikowski, to play along this week.

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This time of year is such a great time to be a chef in Chicago. The markets are bursting with produce, all of it grown within an hour or so of the city. So this week, we asked one of my colleagues, from The Purple Pig here in Chicago, Jimmy Bannos, Jr., to stop by and see what he could do with a few items from this week’s market.

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Typically here on the show, when we talk preserves we think kimchi or pickles, smoked fish or cured salmon, but today we’re heading into preserved fruit territory This week Rick invites Sean Pharr, chef at The Bristol in Chicago, to stop by the Frontera Test Kitchen and see what he could do with preserved lemons.

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On This week's show, we attempt what many would think impossible: make an easy weeknight meal with canned artichoke hearts.  We asked one of Chicago’s best young chefs, Brian Enyart, the Chef and owner of Dos Urban Cantina, in the Logan Square neighborhood here in Chicago and he accepted.

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This week, Rick Bayless invites Publican chef Cosmo Goss to try his hand at making something tasty with turnips.  Here's the shocker: both guys came up with a delicious weeknight meal in less than 15 minutes.

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Erling Wu-Bower of Nico Osteria takes on friend and mentor Chef Rick Bayless to an ingredient challenge featuring swiss chard.  Listen in to find out if the student teaches the teacher.

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This week our chef challenge is a bit different.  Usually we select one seasonal ingredient in which Rick and the guest chef create a meal around in 15 minutes.  This week we are on location at Chicago's Green City Market.   Sarah Stegner, of Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook, Illinois, first joins Rick to each search for 5 ingredients at the market to make something special.  Then they both head back to the test kitchen to work their magic.  And let me tell you, those dishes were delicious!

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Rick invites his old friend, Priscila Satkoff of Salpicon in Chicago, to take on a Chef Challenge featuring Chiles Poblano.

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