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Chef, Restaurateur and TV Host Rick Bayless joins forces with James Beard Award-winning food journalist Steve Dolinsky, to bring the world of food and drink into your ears and have a little fun in the process.

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Happy New Year from The Feed Podcast! Let's start 2016 off right with some good luck through the consumption of black-eyed peas. Steve and Rick invite DMK Restaurants chef Michael Kornick to the test kitchen take on this tasty tradition. Then, they taste the Brazilian black-eyed pea dish, Acarajer with chef Jorgina Pereir of Sinah.

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What do movies, Oaxaca and Lamb Biryani have in common? December 24th. Listen as Steve, Rick and guest Tasneem K. Goodman, lawyer, lover of food and travel and first generation Indian, talk about their Christmas Eve traditions.

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From passion fruit juice to fresh ceviche and corvina fish, Steve travels to Panama and uncovers contemporary Panamanian cuisine  and how it changes from one side of the country to the other.

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Sitting in the Frontera Library, Steve and Rick share their favorite cookbooks of the year that you may actually use for cooking. Oh and they make great gifts too!

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Darina Allen is on mission to show the rest of the world what Irish food can be.  Rick sits down with her and talks farm to fork, inspirations and her cookery school, Ballymaloe.

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Steve and Rick step into a massive walk-in cooler at Local Foods with Rob Levitt from the Butcher & Larder,  Chicago’s first sustainable whole-animal butcher shop.  They discuss ethical butchering, curing meats and techniques.

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There are many different way to write a cookbook.  This week on The Feed Podcast, TV host, food writer and author Nigella Lawson joins Steve Dolinsky and Rick Bayless to talk about the comforting food of  her new cookbook, Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food.

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The depth of flavor in this week’s episode will have your mouth watering. Steve and Rick talk about the cuisine of India and Steve pays a visit to Vancouver to experience some of the best Indian food in North America, via chef Vikram Vij, author of the cookbook "Vijs: Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine."

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Chicago has undergone a rebirth of craft beer production, with small breweries like Off Color Brewing and 5 Rabbit Cervecería. Steve and Rick sit down with Jim Cibak, Brewmaster at Revolution Brewing, crack open a few brews and sip suds while talking about the rebirth. They even taste a beer brewed just 4 hours ago.

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There is a renaissance of doughnut making in Chicago, so Steve and Rick head to Firecakes Donuts to taste the new generation of fried dough delicacies. 

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