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Chef, Restaurateur and TV Host Rick Bayless joins forces with James Beard Award-winning food journalist Steve Dolinsky, to bring the world of food and drink into your ears and have a little fun in the process.

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On this week’s show, Steve visits a successful business closing and another opening on how to succeed in the restaurant business.  The Rick challenges GT Fish & Oyster chef Giuseppe Tentori to create something tasty using fennel.  Bartender of the Year, The Aviary’s Charles Joly stops by to talk Mezcal.   We check in with Tejal Rao, of the Tasting Table, for restaurants to visit in New York, then speak with Lesley Chesterman critic at the Montreal Gazette for some sweet and savory suggestions in Quebec. Rick tours the legendary Spice Market of Istanbul. And we take a Final Bite of shrimp tempura with Slurping Turtle chef Takaski Yagihashi

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